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One of the tools used to make decisions in our breeding program is the performance recording system "Lambplan".

We have been using this scheme since inception in 1991. Lambplan results are aimed at…
1) Increasing growth rate of prime lambs
2) Increased muscling of prime lambs
3) Decreasing fat on prime lambs

What Is Being Recorded

* Weaning weight (wwt) --- at 3 months
* Post weaning weight (pwwt) --- at 6 months
* Yearling weight (ywt) --- at 12 months
* Post weaning fat (pfat) --- at 6 months
* Post weaning eye muscle depth (pemd) --- at 6 months
* Index --- Carcase Plus (65% growth, 5% fat, 30% eye muscle)

100% of Stud lambs are measured on farm to provide estimated breeding values (ebv’s) of each lamb for both growth rate and lean meat yield. These values are combined in an index to allow an accurate selection of rams and ewes for genetic improvement of the flock.

This is only one tool that we use in planning our breeding program. We feel that visual appraisal of the sheep is very important, so all of our breeding stock are graded based on physical traits.

Particular attention is focused on feet, structural soundness, length and muscling, ease of lambing, wool cover and type.

Carcase Plus Index %    @ - 12/12/19

TCP Index averages by year

Carcase plus index averages by year

WWT EBV averages by year

PWWT EBV averages by year

PEMD EBV averages by year

PFAT EBV averages by year

Number Of Lambs Weaned

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